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Selected Work

Chibi Ninja

A game designed for Hadron Solutions, a game development studio based in India. The simple gameplay involves a Ninja throwing shuriken through a series of obstacles to hit a gong. The USP of the gameplay is the monks’ ability to push or pull on the shuriken to bend its path. The player is able to modify their aim and sometimes even reposition the monks in order to hit the target. The game will soon be available on iOS based devices.


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A Designer’s Monologue

print photo

Here’s another one of my college projects. We were asked to do any project we liked and were given 5 weeks’ time to finish it. I’ve chosen to create this book which is meant to create awareness of design in a very simple way – through a monologue. When put together in order, the spreads say:

“What is design? Is it what people say it is? Is it just fancy artwork? No. Design is a lot more than that. It is simple, honest, intelligent communication. Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to look boring… that’s what makes it such hard work!

Good design costs more than a pair of jeans, but the value it brings is enormous. Why pay twice as much for a Mac that’s half as powerful as a PC? It’s simple. It’s pretty. It works. It’s good design and you want one.

A good product + A good design = Happy customers *

* Happy customers help you grow”

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debuggable logo dA

Over the last few years, Debuggable has grown as a web programming blog with more than two thousand regular readers. It is now also a registered company and works with clients around the world providing services for their web development needs. Owing to their development as a company, it was time for Debuggable to establish itself as a brand as well. This logo creates a strong visual presence for the company making their products and services easy to recognize anywhere on the web. The double ‘g’ creates mnemonic value for the logo along with the vivid blue color, whereas the brace brackets make a clear reference to the field of web programming.

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Cafe Old Skool

Cafe Old Skool completed a year of serving the best coffee in Aundh at the end of November 2012. This brought with it an upgrade to the feel of the cafe by refreshing their printed materials. I worked with them through November to design new business cards and menus for the popular cafe.



Look beyond the break below for more pictures of the redesign for Cafe Old Skool. See more of this project »



Peeble Design Website

A website designed for my previous studio, Peeble Design.


Sushmita & Angarish

Wedding Invitation for Sushmita Das & Angarish Otta

This whacky and completely non-traditional wedding invitation was designed for a good friend of mine and depicts her true nature as known only to her friends. It was sent out as a part of an e-mail invite sent out to all her friends.

Characters designed in collaboration with Aparajita Das.


Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey

A logo designed for Milk and Honey, a mid-range to high-end online boutique selling jewelry and plus-sized clothing.


Triple Point Security

The website layout designed for Triple Point Security aims to be as simple as possible and deliver the right content with a single click. The image below links to the live website.

Triple Point Security


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About Me

Abhay Singh

Hi. My name is Abhay. I'm a communication designer living and working at Pune, India.

I like to think that I specialize in identity design, but the truth is I'm equally interested in all aspects of graphic design. I love experimenting with my work, breaking the rules, trying new things.

My degree course at Symbiosis Institute of Design gave me four years to study design in-depth. I came across some very interesting people—Mahendra C. Patel, Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Spiekermann, Wally Olins—whose work has inspired me to constantly improve myself.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy spending time with my friends, playing with my dogs, reading, watching football and taking my bike out for a ride.

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